Opening Soon

Hi Friends! Elixir Specialty Coffee is undergoing some exciting changes to our business model that have led us to close our online retail store in the USA. We're moving production and distribution back to our roots in Australia and reopening there next summer! YAY!! To our WONDERFUL online retail customers in North America, thank you for all your support over the years as we established the Elixir Specialty Coffee brand in California over the last 6 years. We hope we leave you with many fond memories of great Elixir experiences and want to wish you success and prosperity in all your coffee-drinking endeavors! If you'd like to get your hands on some of the last bottles in the country, you can contact our Elixir Dealers ( to see if they have any bottles to send you! To our future Aussie...we're coming! Join our mailing list or check back here next summer for details on what's what! We can't wait to get back at it! Wishing you all ongoing health and safety! Best Regards Lee Safar CEO - Elixir Specialty Coffee Inc.