Thank a COVID-19 Frontline Worker in the USA by Purchasing an Elixir Gift Card! #coffeeforthefrontline

What better way to show your gratitude to a COVID-19 frontline worker than with a ready to drink coffee beverage that tastes great, is a little bit fancy, and will energize them as they're keeping the world running while "stay at home" orders are in place.

Elixir Specialty Coffee is the first brand to partner with coffeeforthefrontline.com - an initiative focused on stimulating small businesses worldwide while also giving the general public the chance to thank, and support, frontline workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please consider supporting this initiative by click on the gift card below and selecting a gift card (or multiple gift cards) for a frontline worker(s).

After purchase, we'll send you the details of a frontline worker that's registered with us so you can connect and forward the gift card on, taking the opportunity to thank them for their service one-on-one. If you want to select the frontline worker yourself, there's the option to do that too! 

Show your support today while also helping support a small businesses.


Are You a COVID-19 Frontline Worker?

If you're a Coronavirus pandemic frontline worker in the USA and you'd like to receive an Elixir Specialty Coffee gift card from someone in the community looking to show their gratitude, please complete the form below and we'll register you to take part in our coffeeforthefrontline.com partnership.

It will cost you nothing and your information will not be shared with anyone beyond what you give us permission to share. Our community just wants to say thank you for your service in this difficult time by shouting you some Elixir and sending it to you so that you know we are beyond grateful for what you're doing for us. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay energized during this challenging time!

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Elixir Specialty Coffee is a unique ready to drink bottled coffee beverage that looks like whiskey, feels like tea, made from coffee, and unlike anything, you've ever tasted before!


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