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The Perfect Coffee Gift Provides an Experience

by Elixir Specialty Coffee | | Blog | 0 Comments

Being a good "gift giver" is one of those life skills that goes a long way to show the people in your life how awesome you are, and how much you care about them.


No matter whether it's for the holidays, a birthday, graduation, Valentine's day, or any other occasion, giving a gift that makes people happy feels awesome for both the giver and the receiver.


According to this article by Refinery29, the reason for this is because buying the right gift lets the gift receiver know that you've "taken time out of your own busy life to think about someone else". In an ever more disconnected world, knowing that someone else is genuinely thinking about you means more than it ever has.


So how do we go about being a great gift giver? It turns out that the art of giving wonderful gifts is a skill you can learn and there's a science to it!!


This fantastic blog post published on Livescience.com reveals that the key to being an awesome gift-giver is to focus on experiences"If there's a golden rule of gifts, though, it's this: Give experiences rather than items. People who receive experiential gifts, such as concert tickets or a zoo membership, feel more connected to the gift giver than people who received material items, according to researchers from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The giver and the recipient don't have to share the experiential gifts in order to get this connectivity boon." With this in mind, finding wonderful gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life just got a whole lot easier. Experiences around coffee happen in people's lives every day and they're meaningful.


Now it's simply about finding the perfect gifts for coffee lovers in your life that's also a wonderful experience. Could it be a beautiful stainless steel espresso machine or equipment for brewing coffee? A milk frother or a cold brew coffee maker.


According to the science, we have to aim for experiences so here are 4 great coffee experiences that fall into the affordable luxury gift category that you can't go wrong with no matter what occasion you're buying a gift for.


1. A Monthly Coffee Subscription (approx $18 per month): That feeling serious coffee drinkers get when they know a new coffee from their favorite coffee roaster is about to arrive feels like Christmas morning every month. From the anticipation of the coffee arriving, through to the unboxing of it, to find out what origin (or blend) they've received, to grinding the coffee beans, brewing it, and finally, to the bliss of drinking it and sharing it with other people. It's a magical experience. There are lots of great roasters out there offering amazing coffees on subscriptions. Two favorites we love to recommend because they have ethical sourcing practices and they're amazing roasters are Steady State Roasting based in Carlsbad, California, and Merit Coffee Roasters based in San Antonio Texas. Get a subscription that lasts for 3 months and you're likely to be reminded of how awesome a gift-giver you are every one of those three months.


2. The Perfect Coffee Cup/Glass (6-Pack $39.99): Science shows us that, for many reasons, the cup or glass you drink your coffee out off has a profound effect on how great a sensory experience you'll have. This article by perfectdailygrind.com is a wonderful read on the subject. We love the Pavina by Bodum, a stunning double wall glass that's perfect for drinking hot coffee or cold coffee beverages like Elixir. Expect to feel all the feels from near or afar every time your gift receiver fondly remembers you as they drink out these beautiful cups.


3. A Ticket to a Coffee Convention ($30 per Ticket): Coffee lovers are always looking to learn more about the ins and outs of coffee, cafes, and roasteries. Where better to learn than trade shows. If your coffee lover is in the coffee industry, buying them a ticket to an industry trade show like Coffee Fest can be an experience of a lifetime. Coffee Fest happens in 4 different cities around the United States every year and tickets are just $30. Tip: use the code "mapitforward" to get 50%. The wonderful experience of meeting new people and learning more about the industry will keep them feeling great for months later.


4. An Exotic Flavour Experience ($19.99): Like wine, coffee plant varietals, and the terror that coffee is grown in both play a major role in how that coffee will eventually taste. Some coffees are fetching astonishing prices. This past year the Lamastas Family Estates in Panama received $1029/lb at auction for their (green) coffee. You can find out more about it here from the producers themselves. This coffee tasted amazing and sold out in no time when Klatch Coffee in California offered it for $100 per cup in July 2019. While it would be a dream to try this coffee, $100 per cup is a little out of reach for most of us. If you're looking for an affordable luxury experience that's exotic, beautiful, and won't hurt the bank, give the gift of and Elixir Trio or 10-Pack (also available as a monthly subscription #twobirdsonestone) made with carefully selected coffees grown by some of the best coffee producers in the world. Each Elixir is brewed with different /soundwaves music to make the experience even more memorable. The joy that comes from trying something exotic is insurmountable and will never be forgotten because of uniqueness.  


Giving a gift that's focused around an experience lasts forever because of the memory it creates and the joy that lasts long after the experience has ended. 


(These are genuine recommendations. None of the products in this post have been paid for or incentivized in any way.)


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